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drawing the figure

Saturday 15th April, 9.30am-4pm

Cost: Masterton Art Club
            members $65
            Non-members $85

Venue: Masterton Art Club,

12 Victoria Street, Masterton

Enrolments close 14 April

This workshop is all about gaining real insight into drawing the human form, whether from still images or life. Suitable for beginner or experienced, we will cover all the vital aspects of drawing the figure, how to understand the form, different media, foreshortening and all those challenges the body entails. This workshop will make a real difference to what you can achieve giving you strategies to overcome any problem and enjoy drawing your subjects with confidence and flare! 

Limited to 12 places


What to bring:

You will need a drawing pad and pencil. Otherwise whatever drawing media and materials you wish to work with. If you’re unsure, feel free to contact me prior to the start of the class.

Some materials are supplied in course fee.

Age Suitability

While this is an adults drawing class, students high school age and older are welcome enrol if the parent/guardian is confident they are mature enough to attend.

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