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oil painting
for beginners

Saturday 4th May, 10am-4pm

Cost: Art Club members $65
            Non-members $85

Venue: Masterton Art Club,

12 Victoria Street, Masterton

Enrolments close 3 May

Come and discover just how user friendly oil paint is and how very simple and straight forward it is to use! Oil paint has many advantages over other painting media which is why it has stood the test of time and this class will demonstrate basic techniques that will allow you to realise and appreciate its possibilities and have fun while you're doing it. We'll begin by working monochromatically to give you time to get a sense of its qualities and for those who wish, move into some colour. This is a hands on class that won't load lot's of unnecessary 'rules' on you, but give you real freedom to understand how it works and build confidence to use it boldly!

Limited to 12 places

What to bring:

The Paint: All you’ll need is two tubes as set out below. 


1 x Paynes Grey (or black) 37mm tube oil paint

1 x Titanium White 37mm tube oil paint


I recommend either:

Windsor & Newton ‘Winton’ range which can be purchased from Warehouse Stationary (or ordered online from Gordon Harris) and should be around $14 a 37mm tube.


Daler-Rowney ‘Graduate’ range which can be purchased from Whitcoulls and should be around $7 a 38mm tube.


These two brands are student grade but are still decent quality but much cheaper than artist grade paint.


Don’t buy super cheap oil paint (such as Reeves or Maries) or a whole set of colours. It’s better to buy specific colours that you’ll get good use out of rather than end up with some colours you don’t really need or use. The cheap paint is rubbish and won’t give you a very good painting experience or results. 


We’ll be working monochromatically during the day but if you’d like to try some colour your very welcome to bring whatever colours you have along.



Something non-absorbent such as glass, plastic or an old dinner plate and not too tiny.



2-3 medium size flat synthetic brushes would be good and anything else you may have, bring them along (choice is a good thing). Plus a small plastic bag.


To Paint on to:

A4 canvas panel is ideal and I’d suggest bring two. They’re relatively cheap and ready to go. We can’t paint onto un-sealed/primed surfaces such as paper or card. It needs to be a non-absorbent surface. Whatever you decide to bring just make sure they are no smaller than A4 size.


Please don’t bring turps. We don’t need it and some people don’t react well to it. I’ll explain brush cleaning options on the day.


If there’s anything at all you’re unsure about, just get in touch.

Age Suitability

While this is an adults drawing class, students high school age and older are welcome enrol if the parent/guardian is confident they are mature enough to attend.

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