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It is my intention to offer the best visual art tutoring available, for you to gain real, hands on skills that will grow your confidence, enjoyment and creativity to transform what you can achieve. 


I offer a range of classes in Wellington and Lower Hutt as well as regular workshops outside the Wellington region. These classes are updated regularly, so be sure to check out whats coming up.

About Us

My Philosophy

Everyone learns differently and I believe understanding that is a vital aspect in how I approach tutoring. Being able to accommodate each persons individual requirements creates the way to getting the best results. 


I want my students to come away feeling like “Wow, I really feel like I made some progress today”. I think it is vital to teach actual practical, basic skills as the foundation to enabling everyone to have the confidence and ability to pursue and achieve whatever creative goals they set out to enjoy.


I also believe in having a class environment that is fun and relaxed. I want you to learn excellent skills and I want you to have a good time doing it! It’s important you’re in an environment you enjoy and are able to take things at your own pace. 

Your Tutor


Roger Key 

BFA, PGDip Tchg(Sec)

Hi, I’ve been tutoring art professionally at tertiary level for over 18 years and making art my whole life. I really love seeing the progress each student makes and the growth they can achieve with the right tuition and guidance. Here's a few of my artworks and you can check out some more on my gallery page.

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